Met Gala 2019: guarda la trasformazione della moda di Lady Gaga

Guarda la trasformazione della moda di Lady Gaga

Altro da Entertainment Tonight:

Esclusivi da #ETonline:


  1. I didn’t realize this was a professional show. I thought this was filmed with someone’s phone. Maybe it’s difficult to film in this kind of a situation when you have hundreds of cameras around you. And strange that this reporter is needing to tell us what we can see. “Now she’s going to take off her jacket.” Um we can see it . We’re not Martian’s.

  2. This camera man is terrible!!!!! He spend more time recording other camera personnel and bullshit, back of people's head, flashes and unnecessary crap.😠😡
    I'm here trying to turn da camera my damn self😁

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