Analisi di Vocal Coach della performance LIVE di Madonna sul Concorso Eurovision 2019

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  1. Later it appeared that a Jewish sound engineer sabotage the show, because Madonna, alongside a dancer with the Israeli flag, had also put a dancer with a Palestinian flag on the stage, hand in hand walking down the stage.

  2. As a Madonna fan I found your analysis to be one of the most accurated and honest to be seen her. It was not just "oh just was terrible", "oh this is so sad", you explained why she was so bad. This is a professional analysis to me.

  3. She did the worst performance that evening, almost all contestants sang perfectly that evening, no one used auto tune because it's not allowed for them. Most singers in recent years were actually quite good, most of those who can't hold it are eliminated in the semi final (with few exceptions).
    The thing most annoyed me was she seemed like she had no will to be there.
    There's no excuse for it, she was arranged to perform at least 6 months prior.

    One of the appeals of Eurovision to me is the fact that all vocals has to be live, you can cover it up with backing singers (which aren't always visible on stage) but you are limited to up to 6 people in a performance (including the contestants themselves) so there's a limit on how much you can cover it.

  4. My idea is that there is autotune live with vibrato on. The autotune seems to be set to the wrong key/setting and that's why it sounds like crap. You can hear she's struggling real bad at some parts. Bummer…

  5. Your opinion is worthless…….you come on how many weeks after…….and you didn’t watch it, you claim you can sing, but don’t, and your opinion is like an asshole and everyones stinks…..including yours…….and show me someone that doesn’t use corrective tuning……and dumb ass, get your dates right, Brit show was more than a year ago… are actually a nobody and hope your channel fails, because you have NO idea what you are doing, and cannot even use proper terms regarding show styles…….and you, sing opera….BAHABAHA………not! You are not trained……learn how to speak English before you do these shitty videos… are in awful shape………you are who? Oh, a nobody…….quit now before you look more stupid than you already do

  6. Eurovision has never been a 'singing' contest. It's a competition of fabulousness, sillyness and fun. If you bothered to get past the idea of technicality and drank some vodka shots and enjoyed the party atmosphere then the experience of Eurovision makes sense.
    Madonna has never been a talented singer, but my God she is an incredible visual artist. Lady gaga is a poor copy.

  7. First you say you dont like eurovision because of the bad singing quality. Yet you make excuses for Madonna singing in exact the same venue, same conditions same evening, same technicians. Don't make excuses. She has just lost it and should have lip singed. Most of the singers did nt sing out of key by the way. Quality has improved immensly. You should watch it again.

  8. Madonna sang too bad The Power of goodbye in 1998 after great performance in Oprah same year and also doing Evita Musical 2 or 3 years before with great successful album, but she is a great singer

  9. She did 2 rehearsals both dancer and stairs. The first on playback with the original álbum version. The second was live, but even in that snipped i did notice that she was little bit tired even on before show.

  10. Madonna is a living musical artist/legend who has accomplished more in her life than most and appears to be genuinely happy with her children, her friends, her career, and caring about the world. She pulled her self out of a possibly bleak existence in her hometown and transcended herself and is always evolving. That's what people do. At least the enlightened ones. So how bout we try not to add to the negative dialogue of the world of celebrating a superstar's one bad day(this performance) and celebrate her and all the other artists who continue to create and make all of our lives just a little better(or for many of us ALOT better). Look at all the greats of our time meeting a tragic demise(Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Whitney, Prince, George Michael, Elvis) and many others. Yet here Madonna stands-defiant and accomplished. Obviously she had a problem with her voice. Obviously a remastered version of the performance has been uploaded as it should be. Concerts/performances not live that are to be televised always do 2 shows and air the best performance. We all want to be/show our perfect self-so why can't she? Peace!!!

  11. Something similar happened to me once… And I have a darn good intonation. I still don't know what caused it back then but it was horrible I was off pitch a lot…on the inear it sounded right but when I took one earphone out, it sounded so different outside…I had no idea what to do^^ thankfully something like that never happened again.

  12. There are many malicious and alienated comments on some posts from some people. Did not you know that Madonna is not a lyrical singer, a professional singer ?? Madonna is a performer. She is worth everything she represents, her struggle and her immense strength and super energy and hard work. And even though it does not have a super powerful voice and not even so tuned to live, it still makes good songs and already made some great ones ok.

  13. Madonna also needs to learn to use her diaphragm and sing from her gut not from her throat which strains her vocal chords. She was professionally vocal trained during her recording of the Evita soundtrack and you can see her going to see her vocal coach for her vocal training classes. But it seems she's letting her vocal training go and got vocally lazy.

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